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Below information was taken from Evapco document 10M/0202/PL as published on, as of 7/8/02.  Sass-Moore Service Corp. or Sass, Moore & Associates assumes no responsibility whatsoever regarding the accuracy of this, or any other information and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damages as a result of any information obtained from this, or any linked web sites. The below information is provided as a general guide only. Please observe all standard industry practices and safety standards.



1. Clean pan strainer – monthly or as needed

2. Clean and flush pan** – quarterly or as needed

3. Check bleed-off valve to make sure it is operative – monthly

4. Lubricate pump and pump motor according to manufacturer’s instructions

5. Check operating level in pan and adjust float valve if necessary – monthly

6. Check water distribution system and spray pattern – monthly

7. Check drift eliminators – quarterly

8. Check the fan blades for cracks, missing balancing weights, and vibrations - quarterly

9. Lubricate fan shaft bearings* - every 1000 hours or every three months

10. Lubricate fan motor bearings – see mfg’s instructions. Typically for non-sealed bearings, every 2-3 years

11. Check belt tension and adjust – monthly

12. Sliding motor base – Inspect and grease – annually or as needed

13. Check fan screens, inlet louvers and fans. Remove any dirt or debris - monthly

14. Inspect and clean protective finish – annually

-Galvanized: scrape and coat with ZRC

-Stainless: clean and polish with a stainless steel cleaner.

15. Check water quality for biological contamination. Clean unit as needed and contact a water treatment company for recommended water treatment program** – regularly




1. Gear Reducer – Check oil level with unit stopped – 24 hours after start-up & monthly

2. Gear Reducer/Piping – Do visual inspection for oil leaks, auditory inspection for unusual noises and vibrations – monthly

3. Gear Reducer - Replace oil – semi-annually

4. Oil Pump – Do visual inspection for leaks and proper wiring – monthly

5. Gear Reducer/Coupling – Check alignment of the system – 24 hours after start-up & monthly

6. Coupling/Shaft – Inspect flex elements and hardware for tightness, proper torque & crack/deterioration – monthly

7. Heater Controller – Inspect controller and clean between probe ends – quarterly

8. Heater – Inspect junction box for loose wiring and moisture – one month after start-up and semi-annually

9. Heater – Inspect elements for scale build-up – quarterly

10. Electronic Water Level Controller – Inspect junction box for loose wiring and moisture – semiannually

11. Electronic Water Level Controller – Clean probe ends of scale build-up – quarterly

12. Electronic Water Level Controller –Clean inside the standpipe – annually

13. Solenoid Make-up Valve – Inspect and clean valve of debris – as needed

14. Vibration Switch (mechanical) – Inspect enclosure for loose wiring and moisture – one month after start-up and monthly

15. Vibration Switch – Adjust the sensitivity – during start-up and annually

16. Positive Closure Dampers – Check and lubricate the linkage – monthly

17. Insulation – Check for damage/cracks and repair as necessary – semi-annually

18. Sump Sweeper Piping – Inspect and clean piping of debris – semi-annually

19. Water Level Indicator – Inspect and clean – annually




1. Few Weeks: Run gear reducer for 5 minutes – weekly

2. Several Weeks: Completely fill gear reducer with oil. Drain to normal level prior to running.

3. One Month or longer: Rotate motor shaft/fan 10 turns– bi-weekly

4. One Month or longer: Megger test motor windings – semi-annually


*See maintenance manual for start-up instructions and lubrication recommendations

** Cooling Towers must be cleaned on a regular basis to help minimize the growth of bacteria including Legionella Pneumophila


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